Whether it’s furniture that helps people recharge and connect, an indispensable item for the kitchen or bath, a lamp series with sculptural appeal, or an elegant vase that completes a living space, each Audo Copenhagen design infuses a sense of calm through minimalist lines and natural tones, and provides high comfort and functionality to simplify and enrich modern living.

Audo Copenhagen’s Danish Modernist roots define its comprehensive collection. Since 1978, the company has harnessed the skills of top designers and craftspeople in Scandinavia and around the world to create contemporary design that is clean, clever and natural.

Clean - Audo Copenhagen design is minimal, focusing on details and fine materials rather than dramatic gestures. Beauty is defined as thoughtful fusion of function and simplicity.

Clever - Audo Copenhagen is passionate about creating smart solutions and purposeful details that meet real human needs.

Natural - Audo Copenhagen works with a palette of natural tones and warm hues to keep its design universe modern and understated.

These principles culminate in an aesthetic Audo Copenhagen calls soft minimalism—one for which the brand has grown globally renowned. The concept serves as a foundation for Audo Copenhagen’s designers as they venture to find new solutions to make our spaces unique and to allow us to stay contemporary while surrounding ourselves with timeless objects designed to endure.

Today, the Audo Copenhagen collection features diverse yet visually and conceptually unified designs by contemporary talents from around the globe and Scandinavian masters whose work has stood the test of time. Powered by this creative force, a strong footprint in the global contract market, and a network of top-tier retail partners, Audo Copenhagen has evolved into a globally recognised leader in the design and lifestyle space.


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