Outdoor living is growing in popularity. Quality planning and design is transforming gardens, patios and decks all over the UK into valuable outdoor spaces.

In fact, as we seek to improve our wellbeing, outdoor living is now almost as important as interior space. Nature and an outdoor life are known to greatly benefit our physical and mental health.

Outdoor space is now seen as an extension of the living accommodation within a home. Effective outdoor living design builds links and connections between indoor and outdoor zones.

Spaces are greatly enhanced with considered outdoor furniture items such as sofas, tables and chair. Add accessories including cushions, throws and even rugs.

Lighting transforms any outdoor space by adding atmosphere, creating drama and even boosting security.

Plan outdoor dining for its proximity to the main home or to catch the sun at specific times of the day. Add shade to create a versatile space. Fire pits and heaters provide warmth and a theatrical element. Attractive edges and borders define outdoor zones with texture, structure and colour.

Today, outdoor spaces are used not only for cooking and  entertaining but also in pursuit of wellness, meditation, sport, relaxation, and even work. How it is planned will depend on how you want to live your outdoor life.

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