Edward Sofa by Domkapa

Edward Sofa

Designed by Domkapa Design Studio

Edward Sofa takes inspiration from the desire to retreat from cosmopolitan life. The sofa is a modular system with a wide range of elements, allowing you to play with configurations and build a sofa according to your taste, without ever giving up on comfort. This minimalistic design with generous proportions has a distinct character for its versatility, especially when combined with different accessories, such as a magazine rack, a headrest and a side table.

Dimensions of the modules are as follows:

Curved Corner – ED.AC:  W120 x D113 x H85cm,

Side Module with Arm (Left or Right),  3 size options:  ED.C: W98 x D98 x H85cm,  ED.90.BF: W103 x D98 x H85cm, ED.120.BF: W133 x D98 x H85cm

Armless Centre Module, 2 sizes options:  ED.90.CC: W90 x D98 x H85cm,  ED.120.CC: W120 x D98 x H85cm

Chaise Module with Arm (Left or Right), 2 size options:  W103 x D153 x H85cm, W133 x D153 x H85cm




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