Working from home is now a reality for many of us. As a result, the home office has emerged as an established staple in any home and it is here to stay.  

A dedicated home workspace that allows you to work productively is now considered essential. 

You may have an entire room exclusively for your home office. Alternatively, a small area of your living space can house a functional and stylish workstation. Either way, a work space that is stylish, productive and inspiring.

Away from the corporate work, a home office provides an opportunity to indulge in design ideas that reflect not only your personality and style but also your values.

To enable the space to feel more relaxed, use furniture that you would be happy to see in the rest of your home.


Any space in your home can be turned into a functional and beautiful home office space. Whether that is a corner of the kitchen, dining room, living space or even the bedroom.

Custom desks and bespoke statement furniture can help a workstation integrate into the home.

Acoustics too should be considered as video calls become the daily reality for many home workers. Sound proofing techniques such as screens, doors and windows can help here. Or go further and install a dedicated 'Zoom Room'!

For a chat with one of our talented home office designers we strongly recommend booking an appointment. We will spend time learning all about your outdoor goals before discussing your project in more detail.


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