Founded in 1683, Gaggenau has been involved in the manufacturer of metal consumer durables for over 300 years. In 1961, Gaggenau was taken over by the visionary entrepreneur Georg von Blanquet, whose influence, passion for cooking and quest to create professional appliances has made Gaggenau the industry leader it is today.

Each Gaggenau appliance is handcrafted - attention to detail and the human touch during the intricate assembly processes are integral to the company’s philosophy. No other company has revolutionised common kitchen practices as much as Gaggenau, with its built-in ovens, glass ceramic cooktops, pyrolytic self-cleaning, the Combi-steam oven and oven doors that can be opened from the side, to name but a few innovations.

The distinct look of the Gaggenau 200 series is defined by the LCD control module, the simple use of navigational menus and ultra-modern design aesthetics. Whether you choose a combination oven, a Combi-steam oven and a warming drawer, a Combi-microwave or a fully automatic expresso machine, the appliances will combine and complement each other.

Using pressureless steam is one of the healthiest ways of cooking as it retains vitamins, minerals, consistency and colour. Meat retains its succulence, seafood is never too dry and vegetables’ taste and colours are enhanced. The oven does not remove the possibility of pork crackling or crunchy apple crumble, because shortly before the end of cooking the steam can be switched off to allow the food to brown at a high temperature ensuring the outside is crispy while the inside remains tender and moist.

The Vario series comprises specialised appliances that can be combined for every form of cooking, including classic glass ceramic, gas and induction cooktops, grilling, deep frying and steaming, as well as suitable ventilation elements.

Gaggenau refrigerators offer up to five different climate zones that can be controlled to the exact degree. Each of the cooling appliances boasts high-quality interior fittings: for example, the door racks in the 400 series are constructed from solid shot-blasted aluminum. The built-in or freestanding appliances offer innovative storage design and class A energy efficiency.

For the wine enthusiast, Gaggenau cooling provides the optimum storage facility, giving the user the ability to recreate a cool cellar climate in a modern home. Bottles are laid upon solid trays that can easily be extended, while protecting the delicate labels with rounded beech rods.

You will only need 57 minutes to wash and dry a full load of dishes in the new record-breaking Vario dishwashers from Gaggenau. Using Zeolite technology, the dishwashers claim excellent energy efficiency figures and drying performance.

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