Alongside the fine collection of exclusive kitchens and appliances, Sapphire Spaces is proud to stock the iconic refrigerators and cooking appliances by Subzero and Wolf.

Correctly predicting post world war two trends for keeping food fresh was the foundation for Westye F. Bakke when he founded Subzero in his garage in Wisconsin, in 1945. By the mid-1950s the American brand has become renowned for its collection of intelligently engineered built-in refrigerators. Over the decades Subzero has incorporated forward-thinking technologies to create a vast range of refrigerators from their built-in fridge freezers to incorporated fridge freezers to their state of the art wine coolers.

One of the exclusive-to-Subzero features is the futuristic and advanced ‘air purification’ system. Designed to remove natural ethylene gases which causes unpleasant odours and therefore spoils food much quicker, the air purification system scrubs the air every twenty minutes keeping the fridge mould and bacteria free and ensuring ultimate food safety and the essential freshness which allows food to last for much longer. With a variety of functions including locating crispers near to the evaporator; engineered to maintain a cooler temperature to the rest of the fridge, adjustable and strong glass shelves designed to prevent spillage, water filtration system designed to give you excellent quality, cool filtered water, ice makers, LED lighting amongst many other features.

In 2000, Subzero incorporated the cooking manufacturers Wolf into the business creating Subzero and Wolf. Wolf’s state of the art, innovative ovens, cookers, steam cookers, ventilation, coffee makers and microwaves are unique: using an exclusive technology that no other competitors on the market use, Wolf’s appliances are designed for cooking to high standards.

The many, many elements of each appliance vary greatly but they all have one thing in common: To combine the technologies to make cooking safer, effortless, more precise and taste incredible. All appliances are beautiful to look at, using high-quality stainless steel and a variety of finishes. They blend into the modern kitchen with real elegance and seamlessness.

Elements such as its dual convection in the cookers and ranges; using two fans and multiple heating elements cook food to a much higher and precise standard than alternative ovens, permitting maximum control over cooking. Features such as the pyrolytic self-cleaning in Wolf’s ovens, design elements such as infrared teppanyaki and griddle, engineered technology such as its 10 cooking modes, automatic timing settings allowing you to prepare food and set the cooker so it switches on a timer all work together to create the ultimate in cooking appliances.

The features of each and every appliance are vast and exciting.

Loved by an elite selection of high-end chefs such as James Martin, Jamie Oliver and Aldo Zilli, Subzero and Wolf appliances are investment pieces that will become invaluable and much-loved features of any living space.

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