Colonial Chiair by Carl Hansen

OW149 Colonial Chair

Designed by Ole Wansher

The OW149 Colonial Chair was designed by Ole Wanscher in 1959. Wanscher wanted to create furniture that paid tribute to classic conservative trends but also stood the test of time. He achieved this balance with the design of the Colonial Chair, and it remains his most famous design to this day.

As a minimalist, Wanscher had a preference for the slim and refined. Yet despite its slender dimensions, the Colonial Chair is very stable. It’s strength lying in the carefully designed bracing. The design’s sophisticated, slightly curved armrests rise to a point before taking a turn downward – a trademark Wanscher feature. The front and back legs are made of round wood timber, with the back legs curving gently outward for added stability and a more refined result. Also available is a matching footstool, sofa and coffee table.

Dimensions: Width: 65cm x Depth: 69cm x Height: 85cm, Seat Height: 46cm

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