As the popularity of open plan living grows, so does the desire for functional spaces such as utility spaces, laundry rooms, boot rooms, larders and pantries.

Not only do such spaces clear the clutter from the rest of the house, they also rid the kitchen of laundry noise. In fact, planned and designed well, these rooms can actually change your life.

Ask yourself which room in the house is most useful and, chances are, a laundry room or utility room will spring to mind.

Most importantly, laundry rooms must be functional. They should also be well organised for storage. But these practical rooms can also be beautiful with the benefit of great interior design. Such spaces often double-up as boot rooms.

Boot rooms are popular with today’s busy families. They allow shoes and outdoor clothes and equipment to be stored in one place, away from the main living area. They usually include seating with storage to enable shoes to be changed easily. Racks for coats and bags are also popular, while some prefer fitted cupboards for storing outdoor clothes neatly.

A sink may also be included to allow washing of dirty boots, clothes and even pets. Further storage can be used for cleaning materials, sports equipment and pet toys. Bespoke boot room furniture can be planned to fulfil the storage needs of every family and customised to suit the space available.



Kitchen storage can be a real challenge, even in the largest spaces. One of the latest kitchen design trends, larders and pantries are making a comeback thanks to the popularity of TV shows such as The Home Edit on Netflix.

Formerly stone-walled to keep food cool, today's larders are designed for all kinds all food. They can be built in or freestanding. A pantry can be a vast, walk-in rooms or simply a small, well-planned corner of the kitchen

Bespoke cabinetry can be packed with smart storage options to maximise capacity. The key is to understand your storage requirements and design a solution that really meets your family's food storage needs.

Here at Sapphire Spaces we design laundry rooms, utility rooms and boot rooms that meet your needs for function and design.

Whether you have a tiny room available or a vast space, we will take time to fully understand your storage and functional requirements and craft beautiful design ideas that really meet your needs..

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