The notion of the word ‘instant’ was the original motivation for the development of Quooker: whilst working to develop an instant soup for an international food company, Henri Piteri was intrigued by how instant soup would never be truly “instant”.

From here he realised that this wasn’t the only concern with kettles: they can be wasteful of both water and energy, they can be dangerous and can cause burns, they are not always economical and they take up space on a counter that could be better utilised.

Over the last twenty five years the prototype of the Quooker has changed slightly but incorporated new design features such as a range of aesthetics, finishes and accessories alongside the ever changing technologies.

With a choice of two patented vacuum-installed tanks in three different sizes, which sit under the counter in the kitchen, both the Pro-Vaq, the Pro11-Vaq and the COMBI tank offer energy efficiency and economical solutions to the traditional kettle.

The hot water that comes from the tank in the home is often forced to travel all over the house to reach the kitchen, generally requiring running time to heat up to optimum temperature. The Quooker cleverly diverts this as it provides boiling hot water directly from under the work surfaces from the tank. !

Assisting with a variety of kitchen tasks from sterilising babies dummies to preparing noodles to simply making a very quick cup of tea, the Quooker is multi-functional, dynamic and skillful. It is also incredibly safe with childproof handles and insulated sides meaning the surface of the taps will never be too hot to touch.

Extra design elements such as an adjustable tap head, a tap that runs on a fine water flow to stop splash back and a light indicating when the Quooker is heating up guarantee safety.

Freeing space on the worktops which is normally occupied by a kettle gives a clean, clear and harmonious kitchen space which is both aesthetically beautiful and practical. It does not disrupt the linear forms of many modern kitchen designs and architecture and with a variety of taps and finishes, is incredibly stylish addition to any beautiful kitchen design.

Quooker manufacture and develop superior, efficient and utilitarian boiling water taps. Designed and developed over thirty years by Henri Piteri and his sons Niels and Walter, Quooker looked to find solutions to the various problematic and wasteful issues that arise with the use of worktop kettles.

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