Sugar Cube Icon by Kasthall

Sugar Cube Icon by Kasthall

designed by Kasthall Design Studio

Originally a design of the Kasthall’s Arkad family, Sugar Cube Icon is a woven rug in pure wool. As the name describes, the pattern takes the shape of a sugar cube. A bright square surrounded by a contrasting color that creates an elegant, clear, and contemporary pattern. The bold and yet subtle patterns will easily fit any room or environment where a statement rug is needed to emphasize the overall interior design.

Each rug is woven in 100% wool. Made in Sweden.

Available colours: Rye Beige 884, Slate Blue 558, Misty Green 885, Yellow Ochre 484, Dark Verona 382
Suggested sizes: 85x240cm, 135x200cm, 160x240cm, 195x300cm, 240x350cm, 290x400cm, 340x450cm

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